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About Reigning Properties, LLC

Our mission is to help homeowners solve their real estate problems… like foreclosure, an unwanted inheritance, a divorce, late payments or anything else. At Reigning Properties, we concentrate on coming up with a win-win solution to your whatever your headache is, so you can move on with peace of mind

Reigning Properties, LLC is a real estate solution and investment company based out of Waconia. While Nick and Jason each have decades of experience in the real estate market, they partnered together in 2019 to make a difference in the lives of their customers and clients. They believe they can change lives by offering great personalized service. While their clients may have common problems, they understand that every situation is unique!

Our Core Values

How We Work With Homeowners

In case you are wondering how we work at Reigning Properties, LLC, how our process can help you sell your house, how we can assist you with staying out of foreclosure, or simply want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time!

About Us

Nick Rogosienski

I have been married to my sweetie Gina, for over 37 years. At the moment, we have 8 beautiful grandchildren, but we’re praying for more and they are on their way!

I started working in real estate in 1983 (you can do the math, but trust me, that was a while ago). When I began, I worked in the apartment rental business as a leasing agent at a full-service apartment rental company. Back then, there was no Internet, no email, and no such thing as a smartphone. We simply drove people to between 3 and 6 apartments until we were able to find one that met their unique needs. I learned to listen intently to what was important to my clients to be sure I found them the perfect home. Listening intently to customers is a skill that has served me well to this day!

I have always enjoyed meeting people and helping them with their “situations” because I am a problem solver at heart. Over the decades I have encountered just about everything one can imagine in the real estate world. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing a burden lifted from someone before my eyes!

I am not a real estate developer; I am a rehabber. I do not tear down houses and build new ones. Since my beginnings in real estate, I have taken just one home down to redevelop the property. Truth be told, it really took itself down when the foundation failed and one of the walls collapsed. I like to improve the neighborhood by making a home sparkle inside and out. I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment after completely restoring or lovingly remodeling a home to near mint condition. 

I heard a quote by Bob Proctor when I was a young man, and it has stuck with me all these years. “You should always love people and use money rather than the other way around.” We promise in every interaction with Reigning Properties you will be treated with respect, because that is how we like to be treated. I also believe in doing whatever is best for my customers. If that means recommending that someone else help you, because it is better for you, we will do so. We love people, not money.

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